Martha Duff Tripp

Martha Duff Tripp, author of
Jungle Jewels & Jaguars
Living with the Amueshas Translating God's Word

Martha Tripp is a graduate of Columbia Bible College (presently Columbia International University) and studied linguistics at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to the translation of the New Testament and Old Testament portions, she wrote a book on the Anmuesha grammar and compiled a bilingual dictionary (Amuesha-Spanish). Her linguistic technical articles have been published in the International Journal of Linguistics. She worked with the Ministry of Education of Peru to establish bilingual schools in many Amuesha jungle communities, to prepare reading and educational books, and to train indigenous teachers for the schools.

jungle jewels & jaguars

Jungle Jewels & Jaguars Jungle Jewels & Jaguars chronicles the unique experiences of living with a remote group of indigenous people called Amueshas, in the headwaters of the Amazon River--learning their language, reducing it to writing, establishing bilingual schools, and translating God's Word into the language--and the joy of seeing the Word change their lives resulting in the development of 45 churches established by the Amueshas themselves.

This book is used as a practical text in missions classes and includes references to Perspectives on the World Christian Movement by Dr. Ralph D. Winter.


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